Sawan Bruins mentor energy startups

Sawan Bruins has been selected by startup program Rockstart to mentor Smart Energy startups. “Rockstart is the best place to meet the companies of the future. I think it is an honour to be involved as as mento,” tells Sawan. He will use his experience as a project manager in both the national and international energy sector to support starting entrepreneurs.


Rockstart is an incubator for startups, the place where successful companies such as peer-to-peer lending platform Peerby and 3D-printer network 3D Hubs have emerged. We love start-ups, is their motto. Rockstart helps starting entrepreneurs in the first 150 days via its Accelerator programs, in exchange for shares in the startup. Rockstart offers startups office space in Amsterdam city centre, provides access to a network of investors and brings them into contact with mentors. Thus creating a real hotbed for startups.

Smart energy startups

Sawan Bruins has started as a mentor for energy startups in the Smart Energy Accelerator program. “These young entrepreneurs are the ones who will define the energy sector in the next 5 to 10 years. What a joy and inspiration to be involved right from the start,” says Sawan. As an experienced consultant he led national and international projects in the energy sector. “It would be great to prepare starting entrepreneurs for their contacts with the large energy corporations. The big boys are willing to invest in smart energy technology and companies too.”

Counting down to Demo Day

The latest group of energy startups will start February 19h at the Launch Party. Shortly afterwards, startups and mentors will speeddate. When there’s a personal and professional click between mentor and mentee, they will start working towards Demo Day on July 6th. That is when the energy startups will give their final pitch to potential investors.

Please contact Sawan Bruins for more information.