Agile Cooking Workshop

Agile and Scrum are very popular amongst innovating organizations. For most organizations however, this means a substantial change in cooperation and directing. Magnus organizes Agile Cooking workshops in which participants truly experience the Agile philosophy and way of working. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get going!

About Agile

Agile requires a completely new way of thinking and acting. Business and IT have to work together in a very direct manner to get things done, while sharing responsibility. How do you ensure this shared responsibility is felt? How does one steer teams in the right direction?

About Scrum

Scrum is one of the ways in which an Agile project can be run. Known from its sprints, daily stand-ups, and brown papers with post-its. How does it actually work? Which tools can best be used? And how do you convince people to stick to the Scrum rules?

    The Agile cooking workshop (offline)

    The workshop is split up into two parts: a theoretical part and the workshop part in which participants will cook delicious dishes in a professional kitchen. The product owner makes sure that the product (the dish) complies to all the requirements (the recipe), and the scrum master makes sure that all the team members (the chefs) are able to do their work. Let’s cook!


    About the Agile Cooking Workshop

    “After you turn the recipe into small requests, everybody is asking each other questions. You can feel that there is a lot of energy within the team. I reckon this greatly represents what happens in IT projects on a regular basis.“

    The Agile campsite workshop (online)

    In the digital version of the Agile workshop we also start with a theoretical part. After that it is time to create our ideal campsite, the Agile way (in which using your imagination is highly encouraged!). Besides using Zoom or MS Teams, participants will use Miro, a useful tool that is used by many organizations to collaborate online. After formulating your product vision and creating the product backlog, it is time for two Sprints in which you will develop your ideal campsite. Which team creates the best campsite and can apply for the next season of A New Life in the Sun?

    For whom are the Agile workshops meant?

    • For whoever will be directly impacted by Agile & Scrum
    • For everybody that thinks that hands-on experiences are the best way to go
    • For people looking for a realistic view of what Agile means
    • For whoever wants to trust a team of experienced Agile trainers
    • For people seeking smart ways to implement Agile
    • For directors and management teams that want understand the Agile Scrum way of working

    For and with whom did we cook?

    Care to participate?

    We always customize this workshop to fit your organization. Please contact Bart van Boven to find the right formula for your organization.

    Need a sparring partner to discuss this topic? Contact Bart van Boven for more details

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