Accompanying our customers into a “Data Driven” organization. That is our mission, with a main goal to let our customers retain more value from their data. We realize this in multiple ways. Ensure better insights, with which better decisions can be made. Automating processes and eliminating manual interventions by using data driven solutions, or even by using data as a direct revenue model.


Recent research performed by Gartner, shows that 87% of organizations have a level of BI and analytics that is not mature yet. For us, this is extra motivation to help our customers find out where to make the difference.
For this, we make use of leading technologies. We also prefer to use the shoulder-to-shoulder approach, ensuring our customers become smarter along the way…

"Informal, no-nonsense, filled with energy and driven. Everyone knows exactly what is happening."

Edwin Heijne, Managing director Bovemij