Of course, our people have ample experience in customer retention, omnichannel and e-fulfillment. They possess in-depth knowledge of the sectors of our clients. But what makes us successful – today and tomorrow? That is our expertise: how we make strategies work.

Organizational and IT advice

In our view, organizations are a set of people, processes, technology and organizational structures. Lasting improvements in organizations are only attained by adopting a coherent approach. We always search for new ways to improve our clients’ operational management. We facilitate discussions, bring in new ideas and find creative solutions. This is how we help clients to make decisions that align with corporate strategy and consumer demands. But we don’t stop there. Our goal is to realize the necessary changes in close cooperation.

Special attention is paid to technology. Technological innovations create commercial opportunities, but are also demanding for operational management. We develop a future-proof and realistic IT-strategy, that meets core business’ needs. Our strength: we align business and IT and we implement the IT-plans that are made. We help select and contract the best-suited IT-suppliers and manage the IT-implementation partners. We create trust from being a knowledgeable sparring partner for all stakeholders.

Change management

Change management involves more than creating acceptance for decisions that are made. In fact, decisions are easily accepted when made in the right manner. We mobilize people from all relevant parts of the organization, bottom-up and top-down. Where necessary, we adopt an unorthodox approach. We are attentive to the director’s strategic perspective as well as the operational challenges of employees. We understand that changes will only work with involvement of all relevant stakeholders. That’s what we call ‘The Art of Mobilization’.

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Project and program management

Effective project and program management entails more than chasing deadlines. Of course we are good managers of our own and other people’s time. However, our clients are most helped by creating structure in the chaos, managing interdependencies and thinking ahead. We are also sensitive to the interests of all those involved. Our own position is independent: decision are only made in light of the success of an assignment, not driven by personal interests or internal politics.

Consortium management

Because we are a trusted and independent partner, we are often approached to manage constortia of organizations. Cross-organization projects have specific dynamics. We help to create trust between parties and to maintain progress. Our international organization allows us to manage consortia that cross national borders, respecting local differences in culture and language.

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