Agile organisation

Agile and Scrum are popular ways of working in innovative companies. Originating from the world of start-ups, this method is now being adopted by mature organisations. Agile empowers project teams and allows for results to be shared at an early stage. This enables organisations to fine-tune products to ever changing needs. Switching to an Agile way of working often means a profound change for employees – and their managers. The transition into an Agile organisation truly is a transformation.

Magnus Red helps organisations in their transformation. Our consultants implement Agile and perform several roles in Agile projects. As certified scrum masters, we are ready to introduce scrumming, daily stand-ups, sprint reviews, retrospective meetings and brown paper sessions. But we always use common sense. Which projects and processes are compatible with Agile – and which are not? Are hybrid forms of Agile thinkable? We help you to use Agile in a sensible manner.

Your challenges

  • Is my organisation ready to work Agile?
  • How can I ensure projects are delivered better and faster?
  • How can I involve our core business into IT projects?
  • How can I organise client feedback in our projects?
  • Agile doesn’t seem to work for our team, what can be done?
  • How can managers empower the Agile team, so it can perform as it should?

Our services

  • Agile project & program management
  • Implementation of Agile & Scrum
  • Training and coaching of Agile teams
  • Agile cooking workshop (TIP)
  • Client arena’s and customer journeys
  • Starting lean start-ups
  • Guiding product launches

Your result

  • Motivated and result-driven team members
  • Employees and managers ready for Agile working
  • Acceleration of IT-projects
  • Faster product launches
  • Improved cooperation between business & IT
  • Products in tune with customer needs
  • New insights in client behaviour and motivation
  • Agile fit to your organisation’s needs

Case stories

  • CED Repair: realisation of a new business model
  • Jacobs Douwe Egberts: setting up an Agile office
  • De Mandemakers Groep: design and realisation of new CRM system
  • Various kick-offs of Agile & Scrum projects, starting with the cooking workshop

Please contact Samara Minnema for more information.