Customer retention

In our mature consumer markets, retention is the best customer strategy.Magnus Red has more than 20 years of experience in enhancing customer investments. Predominantly in subscription-based sectors: media, telcom, and energy. Our strength? Our independent position helps onboard all stakeholders, not only the commercial organization. Using the Customer Retention Cycle we signal blind spots and surplus in customer interaction. We create effective solutions based profound knowledge of processes, markets and performances. This is how we help our clients to retain customers proactively.

Your challenges

  • How to prevent dissatisfied customers from choosing our competitors’ offers?
  • How to stretch our customer life cycle?
  • How much of the marketing budget should be spent an acquisition vs. retention?
  • How to prevent being trapped in a price war?
  • How to increase the return on investment of my customers?
  • How to improve customer retention via intemediaries?

Our services

  • Development of awareness and strategy for customer retention
  • International sales and service benchmarks
  • Concept and assesment of customer journeys
  • Greenfield set up of focused retention organization
  • Realization of (online) loyalty programs
  • Execution of focused improvement programs
  • Program, change and (IT) project management

Your results

  • Proactive customer retention, enabled throughout the organization
  • Structured interaction with customers, in line with life cycle phase
  • Quick wins in customer retention
  • Insightful Customer Investment Dashboards
  • People in all parts of the organization feel responsible for customer retention


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