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  • Consumer survey on Online Trading Platforms


Growth in today’s consumer market requires a clear omnichannel offer.We have more than 15 years of experience as an independent partner in the development and implementation of succesfull omnichannel strategies. Serving retail organizations, product brands, as well as online pure players. Our strenght? Translating the desires of modern consumers into realistic omnichannel offers. We design processes, organizations, and IT accordingly. And select the right operational partners. We know all the omnichannel best practices to remain competitive. This is how we shorten the time-to-markt for our clients.

Your challenges

  • How can we professionalise our e-commerce services?
  • How can we optimise the customer experience in all customer contact channels?
  • How can we improve our customer interaction: enhancing the experience whilst saving costs?
  • Which partners can truly bring our omnichannel operation to the next level?
  • Being a product brand, how do we set up our own retail organization?
  • How do we expand our e-commerce operations internationally?
  • How do we respond to changing privacy rules and regulations?

Our services

  • Omnichannel strategy development
  • Setting the agenda for further professionalization
  • Definition of cross-channel concepts and customer journeys
  • Optimization and implementation of omnichannel customer operations
  • International roll-outs
  • Partner and software selection
  • Project, integration, and change management

Your results

  • Future-proof omnichannel strategy
  • Smart and flexible omnichannel operations
  • Digital agenda for further professionalisation
  • Realistic step-by-step plan for sales improvements and cost reductions
  • Support for neccessary changes from internal organization and external partners
  • Effective compliance with privacy rules and regulations


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