Retail & consumer goods

These sectors are transforming rapidly, propelled by shifting consumer preferences. Online sales will more than double up to 20-30 billion euro by 2020. This shift in shopping behaviour is already visible in the high streets, where the lack of occupancy is painfully visible. Continuing business as usual is clearly not an option for traditional retailers. Their organisations need to transform themselves quickly.

Consumer goods producers are also searching for ways to strenghten their positions. Their possibilities to be close to consumers have increased. Apart from traditional branding, many producers open their own e-commerce channels. A radical change, as direct consumer contact and  operations have impact on many organisational levels. Also, the relationship with retailers requires a balancing act. Meanwhile, new business models are emerging from newcomers in the retail and consumer goods industries.


At the same time, consumers have great expectations of a seamless omnichannel experience, elaborate information and rapid delivery at any place. In Sillicon Valley, meeting such demands is quickly becoming a reality. In The Netherlands, however, even the newcomers are struggling. Reason for Magnus Red to participate in Shopping2020, a research and action program that aims to strengthen the position of the Dutch retail industry.

Magnus Red has more than 20 years of experience in retail and consumer goods. We know the dynamics and relations in these sectors through and through. Our experts bring aboard their experience with ecommerce, omni channel customer contact and (e)fulfillment. This is how we create new opportunities and how we realize the transition.

More about our e-fulfillment and omnichannel expertise

The IT architecture of many companies is not adapted to the new way of shopping. Flexibility, speed, cooperation and sharing information are the new requirements for IT. However, money and time to replace all applications are lacking. Together with our partner organization Magnus, we developed an innovative IT solution to execute customer processes through various channels and business partners. This Omnichannel Integration Layer is already used by a number of leading retailing companies. Contact Axel Groothuis for more information.

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