Mendix for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is one of tempo, efficiency and safety. Innovation in these areas has direct results: a higher, more efficient and safer production yields the best results. But how to achieve these advantages without having to replace current materials?


Mendix is the ultimate platform for Industry 4.0: Mendix combines steering processes with new technologies like IoT, machine learning and predictive maintenance. Technologies that, if applied correctly, bring measurable competitive advantage. A self-directing, self-learning and self-correcting production process with minimal human interference.


  1. Making data available

Improve the process of making data available. The PLC’s of machines need to be ready for making data available, but usually this is possible. The Mendix app store contains many connectors for PLC’s, and Siemens machines are usually easy to approach through Siemens Mindsphere.

2. Signal

The data is analyzed real-time to detect possible signals. Think of fluctuations in temperature out of the allowed bandwidth, downtime of a machine or detection of faults.

3. Interpret

Whether a signal deserves taking action or not, depends on interpretation. Does a fault occur too often? Does the temperature remain out of the allowed bandwidth for too long? Is the machine downtime planned or not?

4. Effectuate

When the interpretation of signals leads to taking actions, then these actions need to be effectuated into the process. This may mean that other machines in the production line get assignments (lower production speed, rerouting production to stock, early maintenance, etc), or that employees are asked by app whether they approve process changes, to further investigate or to inform other partners in the production line.

All these steps can be realized with Mendix, if necessary combined with Siemens Mindsphere. The smart factory will be running well by then, and still the Mendix platform will contain countless of other improvements to the process.
Whether discussing voice interaction with systems, or links with image recognition, the possibilities are ideal for the manufacturing industry.

Mendix for Manufacturing clients

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Keen on taking steps forward? Magnus offers a workshop called ‘Mendix for Manufacturing’; a one-day session in which manufacturing processes are highlighted, with as deliverable a great overview of opportunities, revenues and required efforts. With this a roadmap can be created, to effectively and quickly reach the smart factory.