The Data Rush: European marketing survey on data & digitalization

Magnus Red has interviewed, together with other members of the nextcontinent network, 17 top marketing leaders from consumer products and retail brands across Europe. How do data and digitalization impact the marketing function? How data- and digital savvy these companies today? What are they investing in for the future? To give you a hint: it’s in data.

Marketing facts & stories

In this survey report, we have captured the stories of Auchan, Nescafé, Johnson & Johnson, and many others. We also asked these companies to rate their own performance and capabilities in dealing with digital and data. This gave us a sense of the state of digital marketing across Europe. From all this, we can only draw one conclusion: data is the new gold. We have entered the era of The Data Rush.

The Data Rush

Who has the best cards in exploring and exploiting to this new territory? Download and find out here:

Receiving your copy

If you would like to receive an old-fashioned printed copy, please notify Marileen Kan. If you would like to learn more about Magnus’ services on digital transformation, please contact Axel Groothuis.