Emerce Eguide: OIL case stories of HEMA and Intersport

Last week, a renowned Dutch guide on online projects was launched: the Emerce Eguide. We are very pleased to have published two case stories from clients with international appeal: HEMA and Intersport International. Two very fine examples of a successful use of Magnus’ omnichannel integration layer, or in short: OIL.

HEMA’s case story

In order to provide HEMA’s customers with a smooth shopping experience, it was required to renew HEMA’s IT architecture with SAP integration. Magnus’ OIL plays a key role in this new IT landscape. HEMA has started using OIL for order management, enabling the company to run a smooth operation with very wide range of product catagories. Using OIL, HEMA can create one order for products with various stock locations, delivery times and options. Next to that, HEMA has integrated its loyalty card with OIL, ensuring loyalty points are kept up-to-date regardless of the sales channel. This way, HEMA makes the lives of its six million customers more simple and more fun.

Intersport International’s case story

Intersport International is a worldwide network of sporting goods shops, incorporating 5.400 stores from 45 countries. Its central organization wanted to offer a state-of-the-art retail platform to its countries in order to help to further professionalize omnichannel¬† retailing throughout the Intersport International network. Magnus’ OIL is now being used for omnichannel order management. By creating a sophisticated interplay of national webshops and local stores, Intersport can serve its clients in new and improved ways. Think of processes such as collect-from-store, ship-from-store, and return-in-store.

More cases

If you are in for more case stories, then have a look at our contributions from last year. In 2017, Magnus showcased two projects: America Today en WE Fashion.

Are you interested in learning more about OIL? Please contact Andre Damsteegt to discuss how to enchance your omnichannel retail operations.