Magnus chair of Conversational Commerce group @ShoppingTomorrow

Magnus is an active participant and supporter from the start of Shopping Tomorrow, the yearly research program on the future of (online) retail. In this program, hundreds of experts from the retailing industry work together in twenty expert groups, providing new insights and recommendations. Just like last year, Magnus’ Axel Groothuis chairs the expert group on Conversational Commerce. A promising new development in (online) shopping.

Conversational commerce

Last year, the expert group investigated the latest developments in converational commerce. We learned that using voice and chat whilst shopping is already commonplace in countries such as China and the US. Therefore, we performed market research amongst Dutch consumers. What are their attitudes towards using voice and chat during shopping? Also, we created a working conversational commerce pilot. For this, we turned the sales conversation in the Amac stores (an Apple Premium Reseller) to an online conversation. Using a chatbot via IBM’s Artificial Intelligence platform Watson.

Smarter chatbot

After a successful first year, we will now focus on making the chatbot smarter. For this year, we aim to turn it into true virtual shopping assistant. Of course, we will make a pilot againe to test this year’s concept.


Naturally, we are proud to be working together with a great group of experts from companies such as, OMODA, ING ,PostNL, and Amac. Together with host  Wim la Haye from Bluebird Day we will lead the group.

If you are interested in the results, why not join Shopping Today on September 20th? This is the event where all 20+ groups will present their (preliminary) results. Or get in touch with chair and partner of Magnus Red Axel Groothuis.