CED Repair: realisation of a new business model

CED acts as a mediator in claims handling on behalf of insurance companies; the company mediates in a million damages a year. The organisation concluded that its role was under threat in this digital age: modern technologies make claims handling much simpler. CED explored a new role in the market: CED Repair. In this new business model, everything revolves around customer experience, as happy customers have become an asset on its own. Read more »

European energy company: digital customer service program

A European energy company wanted to digitize its customer service operations. Transforming into a digital customer service would reduce operating costs whilst enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. Magnus Red set up an Agile delivery program to align and mobilise customer service employees towards a digital mindset and operations. Read more »

Startup: professionalisation and acceleration

A startup in the energy sector, providing on solar power solutions for communal buildings, entered its next development phase. After facing rapid growth as well as ups and downs in the first years, the company had grown into an company of around 10 people. It was time to gear up the organisation in order to become more attractive for long-term investors. Magnus Red helped the startup to professionalise its organisation. Read more »

European energy supplier: realisation synergy effects IT infrastructure

A European energy multinational acquired a Dutch energy supplier to increase its power in an internationalizing energy market. A market that is affected by the increase of renewable energy sources and by geo-policital developments. Naturally, both companies want to create synergy effects, for example, by centralizing all IT infrastructure under the holding company. This is quite a challenge, since the running business cannot stop during the relocation. Magnus Red was asked to lead a part of this program Read more »

Top 2 energy supplier: communication and change for integration

A foreign energy company takes over a Dutch energy supplier in order to create more market power in the increasingly international energy sector. In order to generate synergy effects between the retailing units, the company decided to centralize a large part of the supporting functions, such as HR and Finance. The Dutch energy supplier asked Magnus Red for communication and change expertise in this complex change management program. Read more »

Bosch Power Tools: launch of pilot webshop Dremel

Bosch Power Tools sells her products to consumers through both offline and online retailers. The company has always been careful in selecting new sales channels because of its close relationships with its retailers. Nevertheless, Bosch Power Tools wants to experiment with online Read more »

Kieskeurig: concepting & realisation of new business model

Sanoma’s top website helps consumer compare products and provides leads to affiliated webshops. Kieskeurig wants to expand its services by facilitating the entire sales process on its website by introducing a checkout on the website. Kieskeurig hopes to strengthen its position in the value chain with new role and source of income.

Read more »

CWE: Consortium Management for European market coupling

The Central Western European (CWE) Market Coupling programme aims to create the largest European electricity market for Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. It was initiated in 2007 by the national authorities, regulators, power exchanges and, transmission system operators. The ambitious programme is a complex environment consisting of a variety of stakeholders with a range of priorities and interests: Read more » development sales platform Plaza, one of The Netherlands’ largest online retailers, has grown selling books, cds and dvds. The retailer aspired to extend its product portfolio to strenghten its market position. decided to allow third parties to sell via its webshop Read more »

Beter Bed Matratzen Concord: design & implementation of cross-channel strategy

Beter Bed has 80 stores which are located in the Netherlands and Belgium ( With more than 800 stores in Germany, Matratzen Concord has grown in 25 years into the largest mattress chain in Europe.
For both chains goes: The recipe for success: shops in a prominent place, deidcated purchasing at premium brand manufacturers, cost-conscious and lean management. Read more »

Sanoma: mobile monetization program

Consumers increasingly use their smartphones and tablets to enjoy content or to shop. Therefore, Mobile is a top priority for any media company. Sanoma is no exception. The mobile reach through Read more »